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"Do you want to become an architect?"
Lesson 1(video-interview):
From this video you'll learn more information about one of the most prestigious professions - Architect.
Watch this video carefully, making notes and writing your insights.

After watching answer questions:
1. What are the main duties of Architect?
2. What you shoul do to improve ypur professional skills?
3. What main things you should learn to become a good architect?
4. What qualities you should have to become an architect?
5. What new things you've learned about this profession from the interview?
Andrea Munoz
Arcitect, NY
Lesson 2(Practice):
Andrea Munoz
Arcitect, NY
Here Andrea give you a task, that you can do to deeply understand what architector do as his daily job. Complete this task to get the 3 lesson:

A task...

Lesson 3(Essay):
Theme: "If I would be an Architector"
In this essay you should answer the following questions

1. Describe your future work place (country, city, office) and how will it looks like (describe details like table, chair, windows, other furniture and other details)?

2. Describe your day schedule (what you will be doing through the day, what issues you'll be solving)?

3. What salary you will have at your job?

4. Describe your collegues, clients, your boss (try to write all the details of their qualities, charachter)

5. Write another information you want to add.

If you've complited all the tasks, you now know all you need to decide - to be or not to be an architect!

We hope you've learned a lot from this course. Please recommend the course to your friends.
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