Do you want to find your fulfilling career and be successful at it, but don't know where to start?
Young School online course lets you explore the careers and learn more about occupations from experienced professionals
We providing your career path with our expertise
Online school Young currently works in 3 countries: Russian Federation, USA and India. But we also have our student from other countries.
Main goal is to help people to be ready for the Real World, which means be sure in your soft skills and career path.
More than 15 000 people passed our career test and1000 got practical experience in different professions.
No limits of education
You can get our courses wherever you live. All you need is internet connection and your willing.
Gender equality
All our programs are both for female and male gender. We want everyone on our planet could find his dream job and become happy person.
Actual educational practices
To get the top results in helping you to find your fullfilling career, we use best educational technics - our own or worldwide known.
Social Enterprise
Our company everyday works on the one of the most important issue in the world - career happiness. It means that you are intereted in your job not only because of salary, or because you don't have other options, but because you've found your own best place.
We are social entrepreneurs, working on the best world for everyone.
Young international team of professionals
We have big team of our experts, partners and back office. Everyone has big expertise on his field. All of them doing their best to provide you the most intresting, unique and referable information. They are working from different parts of the world.
Hi there
I am Dmitriy Nekrasov
Founder of the Youngschool company
Glad to see you here. If you reading this, it means that you've decided to change your life in a good way.
Many years ago I had the same issue to choose my dream profession, and i spent a lot nights trying to andestand better option for me. And then I understood that it's not enough just overthinking and taking advice from my schoolmates and mom.
The best thing is to go to the real professionals, who is already working on their dream job and to practice it. That' how I decide who to become.
And now I want to share this opportunity with you!
You don't have to go and find speacialist you need, just look down this site and you'll find your own way to succed in this life, in your dream job.
Feeling familiar?
You have fears that don't let you explore your career path, but we have best solutions for you.
I don't know what professions will be high demanded
Our experts provide you only high demanded professions
I am affraid that this professions won't let me feel sustainable because of low salary
Professions you'll explore on our platform are good paid
I don't know if I have enough skills and suitable character to work on my dream job
You can ansswer this question only if you'have practical experience.
So come and get it with our experts.
What is this course about?
Main duties
With the help of this course you will learn about the occupation
You will get a practical experience by completing an exercise that includes one of the main duties of your future profession
Tips for success
You'll learn how to be successful at this profession and what are different paths within the field
Course overview
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Career test
This test will help you to understand what options of professions you can choose, because of your skills and interests.
It will show you variant, so you'll decide by your own which professions you will get practical experience.
2. You can buy both test and online course of interesting professions for you. With every profession you'll get access to the career test.
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